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Head Instructor: "Will"
*Former Marine with 0359/8654/8541/8511 MOS's
*Former Army Special Forces MOS’s 18B, 18F and 18Z
*Life Member of the Marine Corps Distinguised Shooters Association
*Lifelong competitive shooter with NRA and International Smallbore, Air Rifle, and
highpower rifle XTC (200/300 & 600 yards) and NRA Long Range (1,000 yds).
*NRA classifications include High Master in both XTC and LR.

Head instructor Will and leader of the CSS Competition Shooting Supply company is a former Marine and Army Special Forces operative. He started his career as a young marine in Vietnam. After 9 years in the Marine Corps he moved to the Army Special Forces Program. He served on active duty and reserves until retirement in 2007 after a long tour in Iraq. Will has competed in NRA and CMP local, Regional, State Championships and National Matches for 4 decades.

Instructor:  "Jimmy"

*20+ years of competitive shooting experience for smallbore and highpower rifle at the local, regional, state, and national levels.
*NRA highpower XTC Master Ranking

Jimmy also works as a detective for the city police force as part of their counter-drug enforcement.  He is active in their training on the range with fellow officers.  Current competition of choice is rifle and pistol in 3-gun competitions.

Instructor:  "Lou"

Lou is retired Army Special Forces with service also in the Ranger Battalions. He is a military and law enforcement specialist.  He has trained US and foreign governmental personnel in marksmanship.

He is comfortable training security personnel, law enforcement, and governmental personnel in tactical shooting techniques with rifles, pistols, and shotguns.

Instructor:  "Lee"

*40+ years of competitive shooting across the USA
*NRA XTC and Long Range Master Ranking

In service, he was an aviation ordnance Chief and handled most all types of small arms and ordnance for the US Navy. Lee is comfortable training for both NRA and tactical applicatoins. Lee is a Life NRA member and dedicated to the competitive shooting sports.